Money transfer
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How to receive money

We aim to provide our agent service in every town, however we recognise that sometimes you may prefer to transfer your money by phone. Simply call us on 0121 515 4008, our Customer Service Adviser will guide you through registration and explain what documents we need to see. You will need to send us a registration form along with copies of your ID and address documents. Unfortunately as you will not be visiting us in person, we need your document copies to be certified. We will accept certification by anyone from the following professions:


  • Solicitor
  • Accountant
  • Embassy or consular official
  • GP/Doctor
  • Notary
  • Postmaster


Once you are registered, a Customer Identity Verification (CIV) code will be generated. The CIV code will be sent to you by post to your registered address. Every time you call BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd to carry out any transaction or any other activity, you will need to confirm this CIV code. Our Telephone Customer Service Advisor will ask you few questions to verify your identity. This verification is solely to protect your personal matters. Once you pass the verification steps, you can carry out transaction in a way as if you are in one of our branches. You will need to provide payment confirmation to the Customer Service Advisor before your transaction is carried out. Therefore you will be calling us first to get a quote for the transaction, and then call again one the payment is made. Until we acknowledge your payment, the Customer Service Advisor will not be able to carry out the transaction.For your money transfer transactions you can pay to us:


  • Either by transferring from your own personal account,
  • Or by using Pingit service of Barclays Bank