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How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming an agent please apply using the Application Form below.

Documents Required

  • All applicants must provide the following information:
  • Original passport of all people related to the application for the business relationship (owner, partners, directors, nominated officer, and company secretary)
  • Proof of address for all the above mentioned
  • Completed Individual Information Form (see below) for all the above mentioned
  • Proof of business address

For a limited company:

  • Articles of Association
  • Articles of Memorandum
  • Business profile of the limited company
  • Shareholding structure of the company

For a partnership business:

  • A written partnership agreement between the partners, which should be signed by all the partners
  • Business profile of the partnership business


If original documents are not supplied, certified photocopies are acceptable. We accept certification only by professionals from the list below:

  • Accountant
  • Embassy or consular official
  • Doctor/GP
  • Notary
  • Postmaster
  • Solicitor

Application Fee

Month of Application Application Fee Description
September to February £350 1 year Annual Compliance Fee included
March to August £250 Half year Annual Compliance Fee included

Annual Compliance Fee

An Annual Compliance Fee of £300 will be charged. This charge will be applied to the agent’s account in September of each year. The fee is charged to cover the following:

  • Renewing regulatory registrations with BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd
  • Arranging AML/CFT training for agents and their employees


Once your application has been reviewed by our team and due diligence completed, your business will usually be registered by us under BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd MLR and FCA registers. If any of the conditions listed below applies then this registration may not be necessary:


  • The applicant has its own MLR registration as Money Transmitter with HMRC.
  • The applicant has its own registration with FCA as an Authorized Payment Institute.
  • The applicant has its own Anti-money Laundering Compliance Program in place, the compliance program must meet the all the requirements as explained in this policy.
  • The applicant owns a money transfer software which fulfils BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd’s AML/CTF compliance policy.
  • The applicant always carries out transaction electronically.
  • The applicant has Money Service Business Bank Account with a bank that is regulated by FCA and
  • The applicant will transfer funds for its transactions electronically.

How To Submit The Application ?

You will need to send the Application Form, Individual Information Form(s) and all required documents as appropriate for your business (along with a cheque for the application fee payable to “BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd) to the address below:

BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd
160-162 Lozells Road, Lozells
B19 2SX
United Kingdom

Should you require any further information on becoming a BRAC Saajan agent, please contact us at sales@bracsaajanexchange.com or call the Business Development team on 0121 515 4008.

UK Sales Representative:

Syed Mortuja Ahmad - 447933527088
Shoaib Shahid - 447933527077
Hasanul Bor Chowdhury - 447719014720
Md Shumon Ahmed - 447458677808

Download Application Form:

Application Form

Individual Information Form