Money transfer
How to send money
How to send money by phone

We have relationships with most of the leading banks in Bangladesh .We aim to remit your money to your beneficiary in as little as 15 minutes, making it simple, safe and hassle free. Your beneficiary can receive money in two ways. These are:


  • Bank deposit
  • Cash collection
  • Instant account credit
  • Mobile wallet 


You will need to specify your preference at the time of sending the money.


Collecting cash over the counter

Your beneficiary will need to visit one of the payout locations. The payout location will ask your beneficiary to fill out a remittance from and provide the transaction code (you need to provide the transaction code from the receipt to your beneficiary) along with one proof of identification. ID requirements vary from country to country, the payout location will advise your beneficiary what is needed.

Receiving into a bank account

If your beneficiary wants to receive the money into his/her bank account you will have to provide the bank account details at the time of creating the transaction. If you beneficiary has a bank account with BRAC Bank Limited, and you are sending money to that account, the money will be available within 10 minutes. In other banks around the world, it normally takes from 3 to 5 working days for the money to clear.

Mobile Wallet

This increasingly popular service to Bangladesh, provided by bKash, is fast and secure.