Money transfer
How to send money by phone
How to receive money

We aim to provide a fast, convenient and safe service. Therefore you can send money:


  • By visiting our branch
  • By visiting our agent locations
  • Without visiting any of our branches or agent locations (details on "REMITnGO website" )
  • Without visiting any of our branches or agent locations (download mobile apps iOS or Android.)


Customer Service Advisers at our branches or our agents will assist you throughout the money transfer process. You may be required to register with us, but don't worry it's quick and hassle free. You will need to complete a simple registration form which asks for very basic information about you, and about your very first beneficiary. We may ask for your ID documents, which we will scan securely. The whole registration process will take only a few minutes.


Once registered, you can send money immediately. The money can be in your local currency, eg. GBP , or it can be in your beneficiary’s currency, eg. BDT .We will issue a receipt which is the proof of your transaction. Please retain this for your reference and for us to help in the event of any complaint.