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BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd

BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd, an Exchange Company incorporated in England and Wales on 10th January 2008 and is a subsidiary of BRAC Bank Limited, Bangladesh. The Company has been formed through acquisition of the erstwhile “Saajan Worldwide Money Transfer Limited” in 2011.


The Company mainly provides remittance services to the large Bangladeshi Communities living outside Bangladesh. Apart from remittance services the Company also caters to the needs of the NRBs through its parent organization
BRAC Bank Limited . BRAC Bank, within its first 9 years of operation became the fastest growing Bank in Bangladesh.


Apart from serving the Bangladeshi community, BRAC Saajan is also serving other large ethnic groups, such as the Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan communities. The company has a vision to expand its remittance network globally. Recently it has opened a new service with one of the leading banks in Poland, enabling the fast, convenient transfer of money to family in Poland.

Status Disclosure

BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd. Incorporated in the England and Wales. Registration number 6469886, having its registered office at BSE House, 160-162 Lozells Road, Lozells, Birmingham, B19 2SX, United Kingdom.

BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd is registered with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorized Payment Institution (API)(FCA Firm Reference Number: 577104)