Fee Summary

BRAC Saajan Prepaid MasterCard®


  • On Application  
    Primary Card Issue Fee* FREE including purchase
    Secondary Card Fee £5.00 including purchase
    Activation Fee £8.95
    Limits £25.00 Minimum load amount
    £500.00 Maximum single load for PayPoint, Post Office
    £3,000.00 Maximum daily load via debit card
    £3,000.00 Maximum card balance at any time
    £500.00 Maximum daily cash withdrawal (primary card)
    £500.00 Maximum daily cash withdrawal (secondary card)
    Usage Restrictions For full details please refer to the Terms and Conditions
  • Ongoing Features  
    Transaction Fees FREE for purchase transactions made in the UK
    Cross-currency fee: 2.75% of transaction amount where the transaction
    is performed in a different currency to that of the card
    Over Counter Cash Withdrawal £6 or 1% whichever is greater
    Cash Withdrawal Fees £1.50 per cash withdrawals in the UK
    £2.00 per cash withdrawals abroad
    ATM surcharges may also apply
    2.75% out of currency charge
    Balance Enquiry FREE online
    £0.50 ATM
    £0.25 SMS
    Top-up Fees £1.00 via Post Office
    3% via PayPoint
    FREE via Debit Card
    Availability of Funds PayPoint – funds available immediately
    Online – funds available within a few hours
    Post Office – funds available within 1 working day
    Service Fees £2.95 monthly management fee
    FREE replacement PIN
    £1.00 monthly dormancy fee (if not used for 12 months)
    £0.25 SMS block/unblock
    Card to Card Moneyshare £2.00
    Replacement Card Fees £5.00 per card to replace a lost, stolen, damaged or expired card
    Customer Services Telephone and Enquiries FREE email enquiries. Calls are charged at your standard network rate
    Padding A 10% padding fee may be applied to out of currency transactions. See our FAQ’s for more information.
    Closure  £10.00
    Cancellation or Redemption cash-out fee (cancellation & return of funds)
    Expiry Card valid for 24 months
    *You must be over 18yrs old and a UK resident to apply for the BRAC Saajan Card. ID checks will be required.