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To be able to open an account with BRAC Bank you must be eligible and provide the documents that is required to apply for a Probashi Current/Savings account. You also have the option to apply for internet banking.


Apply Eligibility

  • Any NRB who is between 18 to 65 years of old can open this account.
  • The NRB must have valid Residence / Work permit.

Documents Required

  • Photo : 3 pp size
  • Nominee Photo : 1 pp size with account holder attestation on the reverse side. Photo may be kept pending at the time of account opening and must be provided with 15 days of account opening.
  • Identification : Photocopy of Valid passport (6 pages) with due attestation. In case of foreign passport attested photocopy of ‘no visa required for travel to Bangladesh’ page required.
  • Valid VISA : Entry VISA with due attestation. If it is in any other language other than English, no translation is required.
  • Work/Residency Permit : Not required. However it may be taken when visa is not valid to prove that applicant is legally residing abroad.
  • Address Proof :
    Address proof document (Any one) :
    • Resident Permit
    • Work ID
    • Utility Bill
    • Pay Slip
    • Driving License
    • Credit Card Bills
    • Rent Receipts
    • Over seas Bank Statement
    • Citizenship card / Health Card / Green card / Social Security card
    • Job Contract Letter
    • Mobile Bill
    • PO BOX no. will be accepted if the company's name against the PO Box no. is the same as mentioned in employee's office address


How to submit the application

You will need to come to our Branch Office with all your documents that is required to apply for an account with BRAC Bank.

Branch Office

BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd
147 Lozells Road, Lozells
B19 2TP
United Kingdom


Alternatively you can download an application form and bring it in to our Branch Office for it to be processed. 

Application Form

Open Bank with BRAC Bank Application Form

Internet Banking Form